Our Services

Perpetual Fitness offers a number of different services and for many of our clients, we will look to use a combination of different training methods, equipment and locations.

We offer the following PT services for clients:
Body assessment including Body Mass Index (BMI), Heart Rate Measurement & Fat %
Fat loss training (fat loss is much better than just ‘weight’ loss)
Body building and training for strength
Core stability training
Circuit training
Para in the Park - Military-themed outdoor group fitness training in Brackley
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Cycling (indoor studio cycling & outdoor road/mountain cycling)
Run training (general fitness, marathon or sprint training)
Swim training (indoor pool and outdoor sea/river swimming)
Triathlon training (run, swim and cycling training combinations)
Sports-specific training
Antenatal & postnatal training
Perpetual Gym (see info on right)
Fitness for children and the family
Nutritional advice
Weekly weigh-ins
Online training programmes with email and phone support (contact us for price and details)

Perpetual Gym - "the Forge"

Perpetual Fitness has a training facility at Limes Farm that can be used to further enhance the training of clients. It can be offered to groups of up to 3 for gym style circuit training. Please get in touch for more details and gym session fees.

"The Forge" has the following equipment:

Concept 2 Rowing Machine
Life Fitness Treadmill
Spin Bike
Olympic Weights Set (inc squat rack)
Floor Equipment (inc dumbbells, med balls & stability balls)

Indoor & Outddor Training

Perpetual Fitness PTs offer flexible training services and so we can work in a number of different locations with you, depending on your preference and specific training goals.

So, this could mean we come to your home and workout either in your own gym or in the garden, we could meet in your local park for a run and some outdoor circuit training or even go cycling or swimming.

We cover most of Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire so why not get in touch today and lets see what mix of services and locations work for you.