Prices & Packages

Fitness Consultation - Duration 30mins - £Free

In addition to talking through your fitness aims, will complete an initial body assessment including weight, height body mass index (BMI), resting heart rate (HR), body fat %, flexibility etc.

An initial training plan will be suggested, related to your fitness goals and the body assessment

Nutritional advice will given including tips such as compiling food diary etc.

Training Sessions - Duration 60mins - £30 each

We will follow your training programme together and feedback will always given at the end of each session and results recorded to enable us to monitor your progression

Prices & Packages

You can book a Perpetual Fitness 60min training session on a pay as you go basis booking in a new slot after each one finishes. However for those of you who are happy to plan ahead and pay in advance, we offer the following block booking packages:

5 sessions booked and paid in advance Price £145 (£29 each)
10 sessions booked and paid in advance Price £280 (£28 each)